Jubilee year 2011; 25 years DIMA Group

December 22, 2014 dimasmtadm 0 Comments

With a brand new start in the year 2011, DIMA Group in the Netherlands has reached it’s 25th anniversary. A huge accomplishment, a milestone!

Mr. Ad van Dinter and his wife Mrs. Jacky van Dinter, both still very active members of the DIMA-‘family’, started DIMA (DInter MAchines) 25 years ago.

The company was founded in 1986 developing tools and machines for the electronic industry, starting with tools for surface mount technology. In 1989 DIMA showed her first dispense robot that soon would be followed by a range of pick and place machines and reflow ovens. During the years an average of 30% of DIMA personnel devoted itself to developing new technology in order to always stay one step ahead of the competition.

DIMA saw the world change and recognised that there was a need for flexibility. Therefore they focused on offline production preparation and real intelligence in machines and peripherals (feeders) to reduce change-over-times to the minimum. This allowed DIMA to approach the market with a full range of modular, easy to handle machines ready for small, medium and high production runs combined with extremely short setup times.

Constant development on valves and platforms has had such a large impact on the sales of the dispensing business that in 2008 DIMA decided to split the business and started to work with separate divisions. This way the product gets the attention it needs and each division can focus on its own product while all divisions of the DIMA Group profit from the huge knowledge present within the DIMA Group.

Together with the experience and expertise of the customer, DIMA always reaches the ideal solution in process engineering, so their number one priority, quality, will always be guaranteed.

DIMA Group is still growing. Increased demand of DIMA products in the Asian market resulted in an extra branch office. DIMA Group Asia has a local fully equipped application lab and a well trained sales and service staff so that they can provide the local industry with products, support and service according to the DIMA Group standards.

Over the years DIMA Group has proven to be a solid name in the industry, a company that thrives and has a very well filled worldwide order portfolio and is intending to obtain the high quality technology for years to come. The experience of DIMA Group up to now is a simple calculation;

3 years DIMA financial services
19 years DIMA special products
22 years DIMA dispense technology
25 years DIMA SMT systems

69 years DIMA Group
of experience

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