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For all applications demanding fast, contact-free, extremely accurate and reproducible dispensing the Dima DD-5160 Jet Valve offers many advantages over conventional dispensing processes.

Today’s industrial products have more and more the tendency to miniaturisation. This becomes apparent particularly in the electronics industry (telecommunication, entertainment electronics, RFID), the medical industry and in future-oriented markets of micro-system technology. This requires high precision dispensing of the smallest quantities for a wide variety of liquids as e.g. coating materials, solder pastes, fluxes, silicones, lacquers, cyanoacrylates, UV adhesives, epoxy resins, acrylics, polyurethanes, etc. Furthermore fast dispensing is needed to enable short production cycles. Therefore a combination of high precision and short cycle times are required, which can be achieved by Dima’s contact-free jetting process. The DD-5160 piezo technology based Jet valve can be used for a broad variety of fluids at a wide range of viscosities. Compared to other jet valve systems the DIMA Jet valve requires no more than a maximum of about 3 bar of material pressure. The smallest quantities of 9 nanolitre can be dispensed at a speed of 450 dot per second with a repeatability of 1%. Jetting “on the fly” means no Z-movement in between dots or lines. This automatically results in a higher dispensing speed and furthermore product warpage has no effect on the end result. The DD-5160 Jet valve can easily be mounted to any Dima automatic dispensing and coating system. The Jet valve has a long lifetime and requires a minimum of maintenance. In case maintenance is required this can be carried out quick and uncomplicated by keeping the fluid body separated from the rest of the valve. In the electronics industry this Jet valve technology is very suitable for applications like; conformal coating, flip-chip, under fill, smart card, SMT-adhesive dot dispensing, dam & fill, glob top and RFID.

The DD-5160 can be used in combination with the DIMA Dispensing and Selective Conformal Coating Systems DD-500, HC-100 and HC-200. The DD-500 is a Desktop 3-axis Dispensing and Selective Conformal Coating System. DIMA also provides a stand-alone, or in-line 3-axis Dispensing/Coating systems called HC-100, or a 4-axis Dispensing/Coating system for optimum flexibility called HC-200. Both systems can be tooled up with a wide range of options in order to suit any specific requirement.

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