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In close co-operation with our worldwide sales and service network DIMA has developed a new and unique spray valve that enables us to spray any available coating material more accurately and repeatedly without any overspray or mist. The unique slim and long nozzle ensures that this valve can reach in between components without any obstruction.

One of the unique features of this spray valve is the way the needle will be retracted from the needle seat. In all available designs up to now, the needle will always find its way against the insides of the seat while being retracted. Therefore the material flow is never completely straight down, but always a little bent. The direction of the angle however is at random and therefore the spray pattern can vary depending in which way the nozzle is being moved during a spray cycle. A perfect round beam that is being sprayed straight down cannot be accomplished like this. The patented design of the DIMA DD-5140 ensures that the needle will always be kept perfectly in the middle of the seat while retracted, ensuring a perfect straight and round spray pattern. The atomising spray cap can be mounted on the end of the nozzle and is adjustable in height. This provides the opportunity to fine-tune the width of the spray beam to whatever width is best suited for the application. Depending on the material and the application, the DIMA DD-5140 can be used as a fully air actuated valve, or as a spring return valve that only uses air to open the valve and a spring to close again. Independent timing of the atomising air and the material flow at the beginning as well as at the end of a spray cycle ensures the most precise and clean way of applying a coating material.

The DD-5140 can be used in combination with one of the DIMA Selective Conformal Coating Systems. The DIMA line of Selective Conformal Coating Systems starts with a Desktop 3-axis unit called the Dispense Master. However DIMA also provides a stand-alone 3-, or 4-axis coating system and an in-line 3-, or 4-axis coating sys-tem with a wide range of options in order to suit any specific requirement.

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